• brace – a player scores two goals in a game.
  • dink – The daintiest of touches that delicately lifts the ball over the keeper. Eg: Hernan Crespo’s second goal in the 2005 Champions League final for AC Milan against Liverpool.
  • hat-trick –
  • inho – Used as a diminutive in Portuguese meaning ‘little’. (Eg: Ronaldinho = little Ronaldo). The word ending has become synonymous with tricky, skilful players from Brazil.
  • scoop – The player gets his foot underneath the ball and lifts it upwards towards goal.
  • thunderbastard – A shot hit from long range with enough power to probably take the net off.
  • tiki-taka – Tactical style made famous by Pep Guardiola and his Barcelona side including the likes of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. Characterised by short passing and movement in order to maintain possession. Derives from Johan Cruyff’s philosophy of ‘total football’ which he tried to implement whilst Barcelona manager in the late eighties and nineties.

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