Behind the crest: Real Madrid

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol

  • A. In 1902, Real Madrid (known then as simply Madrid Club de Futbol) used a badge consisting of the initials ‘MCF’ interlacing.
  • B. Six years later, the club redesigned the ‘MCF’ initials with a modern, streamlined look, very similar to the one still in use today.
    King Alfonso XIII
    King Alfonso XIII looking a little bit like a young Vicente Del Bosque?
  • C. In 1920, King Alfonso XIII granted the club his royal patronage and as a result, Alfonso’s crown was added to the top of the circle of initials. From then on Madrid Club de Futbol became Real Madrid Club de Futbol (i.e. Royal Madrid).
  • D. After the dissolution of the Spanish monarchy in 1931, the club ended its association with all royal symbols. They dropped the ‘Real’ from their title, reverting back to Madrid Club de Futbol and replaced King Alfonso’s crown with the dark mulberry band of the Region of Castile.
  • E. The club crest then experienced yet another reincarnation in 1941 when it was given a full colour makeover. Additionally, two years after the Civil War, the club’s ‘Real Corona’ or ‘Real Crown’ was restored and so was the ‘Real’ to the club title. Gold was implemented in the new design whilst the mulberry diagonal stripe of Castile was retained as well.
  • F. The final modifications to the crest that Real Madrid use today were made in 2001 as the club strived to change its image to something more in line with 21st century football. During this process the mulberry band was given a more bluish shade.

By Ryan Hall


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