Behind the crest: SL Benfica

Sport Lisboa e Benfica

  • A. Badge A is the original crest used by Sport Lisboa. It features a shield of red and white with a football in the centre and an eagle perched on top, which is still in use on the current emblem. The eagle signifies independence, authority and nobility. ‘E Pluribus Unum’ translates to ‘Out of many, one’.
  • B. Grupo Sport Benfica spent just two years as an independent club before joining forces with Sport Lisboa. Unlike Sport Lisboa, Grupo Sport Benfica were more famous for their cyclists than their footballers, hence the bicycle wheel.
  • C. In 1908, Sport Lisboa and Grupo Sport Benfica completed a merger and the logos of the two clubs were combined in order to form the emblem for a Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Grupo’s bicycle wheel remained in the background whist superimposed on top, were Sport Lisboa’s shield, eagle and motto.

 By Ryan Hall


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