Does selling Luis Suarez represent good business for Liverpool?

It was confirmed today that controversial striker Luis Suarez will join Barcelona on a 5 year deal for a fee thought to be in the region of £75M but does this sale represent good business for Liverpool?


LV: As a Liverpool fan i am disappointed that we have sold Suarez.In my opinion he leaves as one of the greatest players to ever represent my club and is certainly in the top ten players ever to play in the premiership. Some of the goals i have seen this man score over the last three and half years are truly astonishing which any  Norwich City fan would also certainly agree with! His link up play with the likes of Sturridge, Sterling and Coutinho helped fire Liverpool to one of their greatest ever seasons in the modern era as they fell just short of the title. It is a shame he hasn’t had the opportunity to experience  Champions League nights at Anfield and he will surely regret that in years to come. However, in a business sense it seems Liverpool have done well. Liverpool paid a modest £22M for Suarez in 2011 as he arrived from Ajax and the fee they will receive from the Spanish giants dwarfs that. The fact that Liverpool managed to receive the sum of money that is being quoted, despite the fact Suarez is out of action for four months after his latest biting incident, is fantastic and Rodgers now has the funds to purchase world class talent. Liverpool fans will surely miss the Uruguayan genius but perhaps the time was right for both parties to move on and Liverpool will be happy with this business being done early on in the transfer window.





NH: This is a bit of a no-brainer really, it’s excellent business for Liverpool. Who wouldn’t take such a ridiculous sum of money for a player who they simply had to sell? The club and the fans have done all they can to defend him and give him chances of redemption over the last couple of years and just when it appeared as if a corner had been turned, he has gone on to blot his copybook again.

Had Luis Suarez have been in any other profession, his disgraceful behaviour would’ve got him sacked on the spot and he’d have also been sentenced for assault. But of course, in the perverse world of football, he can still be involved in such a lucrative transfer to one of the biggest clubs in the world. In fact, only two larger transfer fees have ever been paid. It doesn’t add up but Liverpool will certainly take it.

What Liverpool must do is spend this money very wisely and not make the same mistake that Tottenham made with the money they received for Gareth Bale last year. Bringing in one or two world class players, if possible, will make their squad much stronger than buying several average players which is what Spurs ended up doing.


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