Suarez to Barca

Can a player who is banned for the next four months really smash the world transfer record?

Why Liverpool should not be bullied into selling on the cheap

Messi, Neymar and Suarez it sounds like a ridiculously formidable forward line and as each day goes by it seems the Suarez to Barcelona move is becoming increasingly more imminent. However, with the Uruguayan forward having that four month ban from all footballing activities hanging over his head after his bite on Giorgio Chiellini it’s easy to forget that Liverpool still hold all the cards in this deal. 

It is imperative that Liverpool, after having such a fantastic season, are not bullied by the matriarchs of the Spanish giants into selling their star player at a lower price just because of the ban. Barcelona are a club who are not used to hearing no when it comes to transfers, they also somehow managed to get a 24 month transfer embargo lifted after it came to light they had been purchasing young players illegally. Even with this in mind Liverpool must stick to their guns, of course the value of a normal player will decrease with such a significant suspension but Luis Suarez is not a normal footballer. He is an exceptional talent and on his day is as good as any player on the planet. In four months’ time he will still be as good as he is today which is why Liverpool should not accept anything less than his true value. 

Alexis Sanchez, along with Pedro Rodriguez, are the most likely to be involved in a part-exchange deal for Suarez.

Alexis Sanchez, along with Pedro Rodriguez, are the most likely to be involved in a part-exchange deal for Suarez.

Suarez reportedly has a £70million release clause in his contract and Liverpool should only accept an offer below this mark if a player is included. The most likely player to be involved in the deal is Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean forward had a wonderful world cup and would be perfect at Anfield as he is the type of player who can play many roles and therefore perfect for the systems Brendan Rodgers uses at Liverpool. However, with Arsenal reportedly also interested in signing Sanchez he may yet hold the key to any potential deal. 

It looks clear now that Suarez has his heart set on a move to the Nou Camp but if he does leave then Liverpool must learn from the mistakes Spurs made last summer when they lost their best player Bale. They spent over £100million on new players from the Bale money but not many of the players they signed have made an impact at White Hart Lane. No matter what happens in the Suarez saga the one thing that can be guaranteed is that this is probably the most important transfer window in Liverpool’s recent history.    


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